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Harbinger for the ask game

Do I believe in fate or destiny? Well! Sort of! I believe that some things are meant to happen and always will, and some people may have final goals to complete, but I also believe that not everyone has a fate or destiny! Sometimes you just have... You, and if you ask me, theres nothing better than choosing for yourself.

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Dulcet: Have you ever actually been in love? Have you ever lied about being in love?

Quintessential: If your life were a book, what would the title be? What would the cover look like?

Incipient: Do you consider yourself "older" yet? Do you miss being a kid?

Moiety: Who do you consider your family? Are they biologically related to you? Or is it an emotional relation?

Mellifluous: What's a song that reminds you of yourself? Why do you relate to it?

Languor: Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Is it hard for you to fall asleep?

Petrichor: What's your favorite season? Why do you like it?

Aesthete: Do you prefer being outside or being inside?

Effervescence: What's better: tea or coffee? Or do you prefer something else?

Becoming: Are you insecure about your looks? Why or why not?

Ephemeral: What's a good memory from your childhood? What makes it so memorable?

Illicit: Have you ever done any drugs? Do you enjoy them?

Sonder: Do you ever worry about strangers? Do you care about people who don't know you?

Incandescence: How much do you know about stars? Do you know any constellations?

Propensity: What's a quirk of yours that people find endearing? Do you like it?

Inure: Do you have any mental illnesses? How well do you cope?

Easeful: What type of socks do you normally wear? Do they match? How long/short are they?

Palimpsest: If you could go back and fix one past mistake, what would it be?

Serendipity: What do you want your future to be like? What do you think it will actually be like?

Petrichor: How do you feel about rain? Is it relaxing or stressful to you?

Dalliance: How easily do you let yourself love other people? Is it different if the love is platonic instead of romantic?

Limerence: Does anybody love you? Why do you think they love you?

Harbinger: Do you believe in fate or destiny? Why or why not?

Iridescent: What's your favorite color? Why do you feel drawn to it?

Hiraeth: What does home mean to you? Why is that what it means? Do you have a home?

Bucolic: Is being in crowds stressful for you? Do you like crowds or do you prefer empty places?

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my deepest condolences to my followers who have to deal with me reblogging a shitton of stuff all at once and flooding their dash, i'm afraid i suffer from a chronic case of "dosen't know what a queue is" disease

katiebirdie -

my deepest condolences to my followers who have to deal with me reblogging a shitton of stuff all at once and flooding their dash, i'm afraid i suffer from a chronic case of "dosen't know what a queue is" disease

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Reblog this post so we can try to find all the blogs on here and follow each other!

Just got to my free time! Yeehaw! More time to find more people to follow~

That said! It's time I got some rest! Goodnight!

I'm really enjoying this site so far~! I'm going to have to get used to making my own posts now but maybe that's a good thing! I'm excited to meet and make new friends here!

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trans rights are human rights

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I should make an intro here! So!

Howdy! I'm Mono, previously known as Notorious-Naga or TippedArrow. As of the moment, my activity on this site might flux since I'm gonna be working on droppin' the big blue banshee of a site most of us are probably coming from. Anyways! Have some facts about me:

-I go by she/her they/them! I'm (maybe?) bi, too!

-I'm... hopelessly obsessed with Hollow Knight, if the name didn't give it away

-I do art! But I don't usually share that, heh. I might share some of my writings though!

-I have been on tumblr for over 5 years. Wyrm save my soul

-If you also happen to be obsessed with Hollow Knight, my inbox is open and my excitement is building. I beg of thee. Please talk to me about the dreamers especially.

I'll just make this one post as an intro of sorts, posted this one on tumblr but oh well